Got Hail?

By george 19 Apr, 2018

Hail Damage…Relax! Paintless Dent Removal is here.

Our vehicles are always at a risk of getting a dent by one or the other reason. To talk about body damages, if the unfortunate incident chipped or cracked the car’s paint, then it’s not under paintless dent repair/removal (PDR). But, shallow dents are no big deal, as they are superficial and affect only the outermost layer of the car, assuming that the impact was soft and did not take the paint out. ‘PDR’ is an optimal solution. It is one of a kind, way to remove small dents from the vehicle’s body. This method can be used both on steel and aluminium panels.

Like most car repairs, for this also, you have two options: Open out your toolbox stacked with special tools, to be used very correctly or hire a professional.

Xclusive Auto Hail Repair is the best of all in this business situated in Mckinney, TX. Our expert technicians are specialized to repair hail dents from a very small to a large size. The only concern of ours is depth and diameter of the dent. A shallow but large dent is always repairable then the small yet sharp dents. Once the repair has been made, it stays forever. We offer 100% work satisfaction to our clients.

Paintless dent removal does not require any painting, so there is no pressure of matching the cover-up paint with the original ones. Therefore, this process has an extra edge, that is, no effects on car paint or finish warranty.

To talk about the duration to rectify the damage, we take 1-3 days. When we are keeping your car in our Allen’s Automotive Repair shop, we do know, you will have to suffer in your routine work, so we take an extra step to give you the comfort of providing a rental car.

In case of our estimate higher than the insurance company estimate, we contact the company ourselves to resolve and negotiate the differences and additional funds. Also, in case your insurance company does not cover the rental car during your car’s repair stay in our shop, we cover-up to $25 per day.

We are very reasonable in our charge which varies based on the number, size, depth, and location of the damage and the type of the metal. We are not into giving false hopes, so one of our certified damage inspectors determine the reparability and inform you beforehand about the situation by performing free on-site visit. Your appointment is just a call away for getting the Paintless Dent Removal Services in Mckinney.