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Xclusive Hail Repair Process

Step #1 is to call your insurance provider and be sure to let them know if you have a cracked windshield, as this will speed up the process.

We replace windshields with an Original Manufactured factory windshield.

If your windshield is damaged, they will release your rental coverage the same day and you can bring your vehicle directly to us.

Then, your insurance company will come out to our shop to do the next step.

Congrats! You have completed the hardest part of this entire process and that’s getting the claim started!


Step #2 is to get an estimate from your insurance provider. You have multiple options:

1) Take your vehicle for an estimate at a “preferred shop” or location near them (usually this benefits them, not you). They  want to make sure you actually have hail damage. They will take photos of your vehicle, and check to see if there’s unrelated hail damage.

2) Make an appointment for the insurance adjuster to come to your vehicle’s location. This option may take longer.

3) If your windshield is cracked, you can bring your vehicle directly to us and we can try to put you in a safe vehicle to drive. Your insurance adjuster will come to us to do their estimate and take photos of your vehicle to attach to your claim.

Step #3 is to make an appointment with us to drop off your damaged vehicle off for repairs. If you need a late appointment or a weekend slot, just let us know. We also have valet service available at no extra cost.

We can come pick your vehicle up from your house or location and return it when its fully repaired. Feel free to take advantage of these complementary features.

You can do so by filling out our submission form online or by calling us at (469) 345-1982.

The final step is to deliver your fully hail repaired vehicle. While your vehicle is at our shop, we will send you updates periodically on the process of your vehicle. We want you to be well-informed on how much we appreciate your business. Your car will have a wash to bring out the new car look again. A final walk around inspection with your assistance to assure 100% satisfaction. We will also be giving you a receipt of repairs which will include a warranty as well. Remember, as long as you own the vehicle, you are covered.

We appreciate your business!
Xclusive Auto Hail Repair Team

About Us


Xclusive Auto Hail repair is one of the highest quality Paintless Dent Removal Services Companies. We return thousands of neatly repaired cars with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

At Xclusive, we take pride in our work,and we enjoy going the extra mile in what we provide. Our Services include taking out door dings at no extra charge, complimentary car wash, and 360-degree inspections. We also ensure electronics that functioned prior to hail damage, operate in a safe manner.

We simply care about your car like it is our own and do whatever it takes for our clients.

We are honest, upfront, and explain details to our customers when they come in for repairs. This helps both the Xclusive team and our customers curate a game plan to tackle the obstacle together.

We are a very flexible company and we treat customers like family. We have even loaned out our personal vehicles in some situations, because we understand that life can get hard. We want you to know that Xclusive will always try to have a solution for every problem.


Xclusive Auto Hail Repair was built and structured by our CEO George Cruz. He started at the bottom without knowing what his future held. George began cleaning the shop in his teens for side work to help take care of his family. Within just one week, he got a promotion to start repairing cars. Within one month, he was bumped up to sales manager. The original owner could see how ambitious and determined he was, and less than 3 months later, he was running the entire company.

Now let’s fast-forward 10 years, we now have Xclusive Auto Hail Repair “Pushing Perfection”. We assure that every step in the process, is dealt with by professionals to meet the highest quality of service. We are raising the bar in the industry. **Locally and family-owned business.


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